Several times each year I'm asked to host the Cub Scouts for a tour of our radio stations.  Visiting a radio or TV station is part of earning a badge, and so every fall I get anywhere from 2-5 troops coming in for a tour.  I've become a fairly good tour guide over the years, but it's not because of my amazing ability to entertain a group of 1st-3rd grade boys.  Nobody can do that very long.

My secret recipe to an entertaining tour is to finish strong.  I finish the tour by bringing everyone into a radio studio to put on the headphones and talk into the microphone.  The kids love hearing themselves, and over time I've learned to record the whole thing, never knowing what's going to be said into that microphone.  I got some gold earlier this week when Troop 101 came for a tour.

They toured the building Monday, and Tuesday morning I held an open "audition" for the Scouts using their audio from the night before.  As you'll hear, we've got some future talent in the group, although by the time they're old enough to work they'll want to be TV or YouTube stars.

Future radio DJs of America. Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images