Get in touch with your inner Goonie and go exploring for buried Treasure right here in Texas! Here's a look at 5 legendary lost fortunes still waiting to be discovered...

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    Llano Silver Mine

    The search has been on since 1756 for a lost silver mine along the San Saba River near Llano. Stephen F Austin himself sent soldiers to search out the mine in the 19th century, but they returned empty handed. Somewhere near Packsaddle Mountain, this mine has remained a secret for nearly 260 years.

    MrBartgalle via youtube
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    Sam Bass' Gold

    Legend has it Sam Bass once stole 3000 gold bars from the Pacific Railroad which has never been fully recovered. Checking into this story will lead you to Cove Hallow near Denton, Tx. Bass died in Round Rock, TX.

    The Urban Treasure Hunter via youtube
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    Jean Lafitte's Silver

    Gentleman Pirate John Lafitte is said to have stolen a 2 million dollar fortune from the Spanish, and that part of it still sits at the bottom of the Sabine River on the Texas/Louisiana border.

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    The El Paso Mountain Mine

    The old conquistadors of El Paso are said to have hidden tons of silver, gold and jewels in a mine deep within the Franklin mountains. Residents of El Paso pass down the legend that the Guadalupe Mission sends the noon sunlight shining straight onto the mine.

    Only In El paso via twitter
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    Corpus Christie Sunken Ship via Google Earth

    An L.A. California resident says he's found a sunken ship said to contain tons of treasure off the coast of Corpus Christie, Tx. He found it using google earth. Here's the catch, the landowners won't let him dig. Check out the story from 2009 here. The ship supposedly sank during a hurricane in 1822 and is still keeping its secrets to this day!

    ninja2kernow via youtube