It may just be one person's idea of a (tasteless) joke, but given the (sick) people that troll around on the web, Beaumont Police are taking very seriously a Facebook post allegedly advertising a baby for sale.

We've all seen or heard about some of the more grotesque things that happen in the dark shadows of the internet, but to see someone nearby posting a baby for sale is still shocking.  Beaumont Police believe it may just be a hoax, but given that it's not on someone's timeline where friends and family could get a chuckle, it seems possible that it's for real.

I've got a (sometimes) twisted sense of humor, and hopefully some Beaumont mom or dad was just frustrated with a fussy kid and tried to make a "funny".  Police are still investigating, and if the post was at all serious, the poster faces up to 10 years in prison, more time if trafficking or drugs are involved.