Hey Gang,

I was watching TV this morning while having breakfast.  Yesterday I DVR’d a really bad rerun of CSI Miami.  The whole show is bad, but it’s car wreck bad, you just can’t look away.  Anyway…The opening scene had a couple out in the Everglades getting ready to become “one with nature”, when they heard a growling sound, and it was getting closer to them.  So what does the guy do, he starts walking towards the growling noise.

Lion -iStockphoto - 93215377

Now I know that it’s only a TV show, but dag nab it, people emulate what they see on TV, you know they do. If they didn’t they would need to have disclaimers and the beginning of the shows.  And, of course, since he’s white, we have a stereo type to live up to.  After all, without that stereo type we wouldn’t have horror movies.

“Hey Bob, does that sound like a physco in a hockey mask about to tear us a thunder?”

“Sure does Tim.  Jinkies, lets check it out.”


Do you know what made Man king of the jungle?  It sure wasn’t our hard armor shell.  It was the 3 lbs at the top of our body.  We invented the great equalizer…the gun.  If you don’t have a gun and you walk toward the growl, you are no longer the king of the jungle, but a candy coated meal.

The Big Q Tip:  Run away from the growl!!!  If you’re there with a friend, then first kick them as hard as you can in the leg, then run away from the growl!  Unless you have a gun, if you do then you’re the king, "A" number one, by all means walk towards the growl.

You have a good growl free day.