The Super Bowl is long gone, but some of us weren't cheering all the way to the goal post.

Don't worry! US105 knows what it's like to be left out in the cold while your significant other watches hours and hours and HOURS of non-stop football coverage. So now, we want to make it up to you!

Ladies! Tell us, what's the worst thing your husband or boyfriend put you through during football season? Did he forget an anniversary? Birthday? Leave you stranded with a flat tire while he waited for the outcome of the Cowboy's game? TELL US

Men! Time to be honest: What's the worst thing you did to your wife or girlfriend during football season? Did you skip cutting the lawn or taking out the trash? And hey, about that flat tire, we understand--her flat tire could wait but Tony Romo can't! So tell us all about it below!

Give us your name, phone number, and email if we pick your Football season survivor story as the best, US105 will give you a FREE 46" TV and recliner from Buddy's.

So don't hold back! Ladies, time to shed some tears. And men--tell us the truth! What's your best Survivor: Football Season story?