On Sunday Jordan Spieth became the second-youngest person to win The Masters in Augusta, Ga. He broke records throughout the tournament, and won everyone over in the process.

I didn't get to watch all of the coverage of The Masters, but I managed to catch most of Jordan Spieth's play on Sunday. He was on. There isn't a much better way to describe it. Even when he missed a shot, he stayed calm and managed to turn it into something spectacular.

At one point yesterday the 21-year-old Texan held the record for play, he was under par by 19 shots. He finished 18-under, tying Tiger Woods' record. Speaking of Tiger, he is still the youngest person to win the Masters only by a few months, as he was also 21 when he won his first green jacket.

I'm a golf newbie, but in my limited experience I knew I was watching something special yesterday. As I was listening to the various commentators, they discussed Jordan's young age, how well he had played the tournament in 2014, and how close he had come to winning then. He went home runner-up to Bubba Watson, who has won two out of the last three Masters.

Jordan also achieved a wire-to-wire win, a term I was unfamiliar with until this weekend. I quickly figured out that I hadn't heard the term before, because it had not been achieved in 39 years. Jordan led all four days. If you follow golf, or have ever hit a ball then you know how difficult that is for a veteran.

He kept his cool, and after winning he showed poise and class beyond his years. He thanked not only his family and friends for their support, but he thanked nearly everyone in Augusta. He made it a point to thank the volunteers who help put on the tournament, the committee and he thanked the fans for their knowledge of the game, and respect that they show around the course.

After watching this incredible display of sportsmanship and class, I came across a video that the PGA Tour put together about his inspiration. Jordan is inspired daily by his younger sister, Ellie. If you thought you were impressed before, get ready for this and maybe grab a tissue.