What's going on?

Cocoa & Lemon Juice Challenge
Townsquare Temple/Killeen took part in the Lemon Juice and Cocoa Challenge. You will never guess who won!
Can You Spot Yourself?
See some great pictures from the Casey Donahew Band Concert at Johnny's Outback brought to you by US105!
Chubby Bunny Contest!
It's here! The best video that you will watch all week! Check out how many she can fit in her mouth and still say Chubby Bunny!
Fun at the Pumpkin Patch
Nothing takes you back and helps you create memories like a good, old fashioned pumpkin patch.
Live @ the Pumpkin Patch
Bring your whole family out to the Robinson Family Farm to have some great times this weekend, September 19th, as US105 broadcasts live from 10am until noon.
Father Daughter Tips - Foster the Arts
At times as a parent you see your kid pick up some type of ability to create art and you have to do your best to support that and allow them to grow their talent.
Father Daughter Tips
Today's tip is to never let distractions keep you from capturing a moment to remember forever.
Bean Boozled at Townsquare - The GAG Reel
As the Bean Boozled Challenge goes viral across the internet, the staff here at the station felt it was time for us to do our part. Here's a quick out-take.
Live at the Grand Opening
Join Rowdy live at Alibi Sports Bar in Harker Heights from 7pm to 9pm to celebrate their Grand Opening! Eat! Drink! Win prizes!
Cleanup Begins at Wes's
Starting at seven o’clock in the morning on Thursday June 19, 2014, the next stage in the recovery of Wes’s Burger Shack and More began. Cleanup has officially started.
Best St. Patrick's Day Drinks
It’s that wonderful time of the year when all the local watering holes around your home town will bust out the green food coloring and start making their traditional St. Patrick’s Day Green Beer.  If this isn’t your ‘flavor’, or perhaps you don’t want to stain your bathroom carpet green after a long…
Lunch Lady Land
I never thought that this would be something that I had to write about to educate the masses.