What's going on?

Pistol Annies Have a New Addition!
Miranda Lambert said "We wanted to share some big news with you, see one of us is drinking, one of us is smoking and one of us is not taking our pill." and then Miranda Lambert pointed at
New Law Passed Will Fine Loud Vehicle Exhausts
"You heard it here first: If your motor vehicle has a noisy exhaust system, you could be subject to a $136 fine. Officers are out conducting education and enforcement of the new law (SMC 25.08.430)"
Best Meteor Shower of the Year This Weekend!
Expect to see 60-70 meteors per hour, we can even get lucky enough to catch up to 200 meteors an hour like we did in 2016 hopefully it's an "outburst year". August 11-13 are the nights that you should be staring at the sky according to Cooke.
American Idol Auditions Coming to Austin!
You can sign up for the open call auditions here. September 6, 2018 the American Idol bus will roll into Austin. If you're not able to make the Austin stop check out the complete list of audition stops here.
A Reminder for Parents During Back To School Shopping
If we complain about spending two or three hours getting supplies for them to use, but will spend hours on our phones, and hundred of dollars on coffee, alcohol, our nails, golf, or whatever we want, but complain about buying the things they need for the school year, we will teach our kids that thei…
A Chihuahua Gets a Quinceañera
Since her dog was Turning 15 in dog years she thought why not throw a quinceañera for her dog and invite friends and family and their dogs too. It's safe to say the party was lit.
What Is Your Hobby?
What hobby have you picked up that you love? Is your hobby expensive to get started? Do you have a group where you get together to work on your hobby?
Hilarious Puppy Hates Country Music
We were all a tad shocked when Tyra's puppy barked over George Straight begging her human to change the music back to her favorite Spanish jams.
Jordan Davis Wants You to Take It From Him
The song and the music video match up in the most unique of ways. The "Take It From Me" music video makes me want to buy a fanny pack and never party in New York City.
Luke Bryan Takes Man Crush Monday
Luke Bryan will always be the one to poke fun at himself and is all about making sure that everyone around him is having a great time if you have ever been to a concert of his you know it's true.
Miranda Lambert Takes on Girl Crush
If Little Big Town ever needs a 5th member, they should really consider Miranda Lambert, don't believe me? Check out the video below!
Important Reminder for Dog Owners
If you walk outside and think to yourself that it is way too hot, put your hand to the ground, literally and if the back of your hand can't handle the heat on the pavement for more than 5 seconds, guess what, your dog can't handle it either!
Build-A-Bear Promotion Causes Commotion
At 11:30 am. the stuffed animal retailer took to social media to halt the sale in several stores. Due to safety concerns Build-A-Bear sent a tweet saying
Crazy Dog Ladies Unite!
Thanks to 4 bad ass dog loving ladies teaming up, we saved a life. Team crazy dog lady for forever!