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What Does a Change in Weather Mean for Your Mood?
Every single year Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects so many people and we don't even realize it's happening. SAD sneaks up on people around October and sometimes it lasts all the way until April.
Here Is Everything Coming to Netflix in October
The best part about the new movies coming to Netflix is that many of them are movies you can watch come Halloween! Check out the list below and what day they hit Netflix. Happy Netflix binge-watching for all!
UPS Looking to Hire for 100,000 Seasonal Positions
they are looking to hire "Flexible shifts, full- and part-time positions available at thousands of locations" and If you are hoping for a permanent job with UPS this is your chance to get in the door.
I Finally Tried That 30 Minute Sleep Drink!
I will always be a skeptic until I try something. Som Sleep proved me wrong, I honestly thought they were just trying too hard with the marketing, Som Sleep's claim to 30 minutes or less is no joke.
Should I Cover Up My Grey Hair?
I know once you start dying your hair on the regular it's a serious investment from then on. Ladies, have any of you gotten grey hair before 30? If so what did you do?