What's going on?

Southern Momma Knows Best
When I stumbled upon Southern Momma's hilarious video I kept thinking, this is all of us right now in the South. Last night I noticed grocery stores were out of a lot. It dawned on me, a lot of people were scrambling to get to the grocery store before the "Big Snowstorm".
Who Is Devin Dawson?
When I saw a picture of him I was convinced I had seen him somewhere. Maybe you are thinking the same thing. Remember that YouTube video that went viral of a guy and a girl back to back singing Taylor Swift mash up songs?
5 Reasons Office Puppies Are Needed
One of our co-workers has been bringing her puppy to work until he is old enough to stay at home alone. It's safe to say these past 2 weeks have been the best work weeks of my life.
Maren Morris Dishes Out Advice to Dreamers
One of Maren Morris fans asked her over Twitter "Any tips for writers & singers planning a move there ready to work for a career like yours?" Maren Morris responded with
New Year's Resolution Check Up
According to D News we don't follow through with our New Year's Resolutions because we have too many, they're too vague, or they're too difficult.
Watch Old Dominion's Latest Music Video
When I first saw the music video for "Written in the Sand" I was so confused. The song has nothing to to with the lyrics, then I started to watch the video, and
Carrie Underwood Is Our WCW
Remember back in November when Carrie Underwood fell outside of her home and we were told she had a broken wrist along with some cuts? Well it turns out there was a a lot more to the story than we were led to believe!
I Ruined My New Year’s Resolution Already
I ruined my New Year's Resolution in less than 12 hours. Of course I will not give up so easily, my first time making a New Year's Resolution, I have to try again.
Kelsea Ballerini Is Our WCW
There's no doubt 2017 was an amazing year for Kelsea Ballerini, with her latest song "Legends" well on the way to dominate the charts we have no doubt 2018 is going to be an amazing one for Kelsea Ballerini!
5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Him
Ladies, if you have yet to buy him a present and you are out of ideas on what to get him, here are 5 easy to find gifts that he will love and appreciate.
Thanks to a 5 Year Old the Grinch Will NOT Be Stealing Christmas
TyLon Pittman called 911 concerned that The Grinch would steal his Christmas presents. TyLon ran and told his mom that he had called 911. TyLon's mom was convinced that her son was joking, but when a police officer showed up on their front door she realized her son was in fact telling her the t…
11 Things to Do to Succeed in Life
A laminated piece of paper caught my eye. It read "Things to Do to Succeed in Life" it was dated 5-27-11. I read it three times over in disbelief, here are some life hacks I didn't know I needed to read.