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Texas Mom Asks to Reschedule the Solar Eclipse
Some people don't think hard enough before they type. One Texas mom, innocently requested that the Solar Eclipse party set for Monday, Aug. 21 be rescheduled, and then the internet showed up.
Texas Teacher Can't Afford Retirement, Here's Why
One former Texas Educator is 'spilling ink,' on the troubling situation Texas Teachers face when they reach retirement. Suzanne Bardwell, now the co-publisher of the Gladewater Mirror is taking action.
Have you Spotted the 'Cow Killer' in Texas?
KLTV.com - Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville |ETX News
A small bug with a big bite has been spotted around the US, and I want to know if you've seen it around our parts.
Feeling Inspired?
Last weekend, I was out on location when a listener came up to me and shared something incredible.
'Life can be hard. Music can help.'
You've probably heard of Cam, due to her monster first single, 'Burning House.' What you may not know is that she has a degree in Psychology, and she wants to help you understand that, 'Life can be hard. Music can help.'
Mandee has Lost 22.5 Inches in One Month
So, maybe you've heard me talking a little bit on the air about eating clean, and exercising more often... I have been, and the work is paying off.