Hey, Y'all! Wes here. It's a big challenge to move to a new state as big as Texas, start a new job, and get familiar with new people, but we've found a buckaroo named Reed Kotalik who is providing inspiration to many fellow Texans this week, including me!

Reed is a 6-year-old Kindergarten student of The Woodlands, Texas, and while he isn't exactly aware of WHY his legs don't work, that's not gonna stop him from living life to the fullest and rising to meet it's challenges with faith and hope.

At the age of 5 Reed was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, but with the help of his 4 siblings and a community of support, that's right about the time our little hero decided he wanted to start running. After his first 1 mile, Reed took to the AAU 14-Under Youth National Indoor Track & Field Championships and earned gold medals in the 400 and 800 meters.

It's not about the challenges life presents you, it's how you rise to meet those challenges. It helps to put into perspective what really matters.

Reed now is running two to three times a week! It even inspired Olympic 800-meter hopeful and former University of Arkansas runner Chris Bilbrew, to pick up Reed for a morning run so they can fit in a  60–75 minutes of  training before Reed is off to kindergarten.

Next up for Reed is the goal of trying to qualify for this summer’s Junior Olympics in Houston! Lets wish him the best of luck!