Belton High School

Belton ISD Wants to Hear Your Thoughts on a New High School
Marianne Ward, a member of our sales team and mother of Belton ISD children, said some people are upset about the idea of their child not being a part of the Belton Tigers' athletic or academic traditions if they attend the new school. That concern will undoubtedly be a voiced at the public mee…
Student Defying All Odds To Walk The Stage
Belton High School's graduation took place Thursday night, and there was one moment that probably stuck out more than anything.
In January of 2012, Haley Johannsen was a student at Academy ISD, and was involved in a wreck while on a school bus...
Belton ISD Recommends Michael Morgan As New Athletic Director
Belton ISD is ready to recommend a new Athletic's Director and New Football Coach for Belton High School.
Belton ISD Superintendent  Susan Kincannon says the district is ready to recommend Michael Morgan as the new Athletics Director, and Samual Skidmore as the schools next head football co…

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