I had a conversation today, again, stating that I was the most "normal" person walking on the planet. And, like all other "normal" people, I have a plan for the drug problem if I ever become President.

That plan is simple. Legalize everything. I would also pay for the funeral of anyone who Overdosed. I could subsidize it with all the money I'll be making selling drugs. And, once people stop crying for the loss of a loved one, they'll realize that the population is becoming more controllable.

(Thin The Herd Campaign 2020)

I got the idea one night when I hit a few bars with some friends in Central Texas. I thought for sure that Texas has a serious drug problem. They might, but it turns out its not the worst in the country.

Now, according to the CDC, deaths by drug overdose have hit an all-time high. Up 7% in just one year. Over 40,000 Americans mainlined to the afterlife in 2014 alone.

And the biggest shocker...One of the biggest states is not on the list. Now for our neighbors...