So what has  84-year-old lottery winner Gloria Mackenzie been up to since she won all that money?

According to the Daily Mail, the great-grandmother from Zephyrhills, Fla., who won $590 million, is still being driven around in her son's gold Ford Focus and shopping at Wal-Mart.  She is still eating at local crab shacks and taking her leftovers home in doggie bags.

Mackenzie, the biggest Powerball winner in U.S. history,is sharing her winnings with her son Scott, 57, who was with her when she bought the winning $2 ticket at a local supermarket. Scott lives nearby with his partner Jerry Cruz, 65.

Before claiming her fortune, Mackenzie lived in a modest $30,000 duplex in Zephyrhills, Fla. (She had been been forced out of the mobile home park where she lived for 25 years).

Gloria Mackenzie Powerball Winner's Old Duplex/Youtube

Mackenzie is currently staying in a hotel while her new home is being built  in Jacksonville.

She's been spotted around town with her son and Cruz,  and there was speculation that she was  the lady who treated diners at a local restaurant to a free meal.

Someone matching Gloria's description had dinner at Buddy Freddy's restaurant in Plant City, Florida on Sunday . . . which is about 15 miles away from Zephyrhills.

She had two people with her . . . and she returned to the restaurant a little later to PAY the bill for EVERYONE in the place.  There were about 180 people having dinner at the time, and the tab came to $2,600.  She threw in $50 tips for each of the 5 servers and left, without saying who she was . . . but not before she got hugs from everyone.

The woman never said she was the lottery winner, but everyone in the place seems pretty sure that it was Gloria.

Surprisingly nobody took a picture.  The manger is now convinced it wasn't Gloria, speculating the generous diner was younger than Gloria, maybe 70, and may have just won big at a nearby Casino.