OK, so it still smells like the armpits of DJs long since gone, but we do have a fancy new studio board for the first time since the original President Bush was still a spook in the CIA.

That last sentence has probably been flagged by NSA, but I had to create the visual to illustrate how badly behind-the-times we've been in the decade I've been working in this building.  I'd honestly say 30% of my day has been spent fixing technological problems or waiting for slow technology to catch up with the speed of my brain (my brain has always been dial-up, for what it's worth).  While the computer software may still be pre-Y2K, we've now officially gone to the digital dark side with the arrival of a brand-new board for our studio.

Welcome to the 21st century. Photo by Jamie Garret

This is the fourth time I've worked around a brand-new studio board.  The very first "new" board I worked around nearly turned into a disaster.  I spilled a sugary Dr. Pepper on a brand new board in Oklahoma City a few decades back, and I've been scared to be within 10 feet of new studio equipment ever since.  Take a look at the transformation.  Isn't it beautiful to see?  I've got a tear in my eye.

Show us a little patience over the next few days as we get to know the ins-and-outs of our new baby.  We continue to upgrade both on-air and behind-the-scenes, and we hope your love for US 105 will continue to grow as we work to bring you the best product available on your speakers.  Consider this our orange barrels you're used to seeing when the road is getting an upgrade.  The difference is that our upgrades won't make you late to work.