If you are a jogger this time of year then you know that the only time to safely do this is either late at night or early in the morning.  A woman was attacked Monday morning while she was jogging in Cameron Park in Waco.  Police were called around 7 a.m. after witnesses saw the lady being pushed into a rock wall and steel door while she was jogging under the Herring Avenue Bridge near the Pecan Bottoms area.  

The man was either white or Hispanic but they were not able to provide a better description.

Since it is so hard to find a time to jog that isn't early in the day or late, here is a few helpful hints to stay safe while you are out at dawn or dusk.

You should always run with a known companion and in a familiar area.
Do not run in a heavily wooded, poorly lighted or secluded area.
If running alone, no not wear headphones.
Do not run after dark or near bushes that can provided concealment.
Wear bright colored clothing to improve your visibility.
Vary your route and pattern of running.
Always carry a whistle or high decibel battery powered personal alarm device.
If you feel like you are being followed go to the nearest residence, open business or group.
Carry your car and home keys with you.