Christmas is on the brain for everyone right now and like me, you're probably thinking about what to get friends and loved ones. Since I reside in the lone star state, I decided to look for gifts that would truly stand out and not only represent Texas, but really be a conversation starter.

1. Texas Waffle Maker: a rite of passage

Let's get the obvious one out of the way. Eating a waffle in the shape of Texas is a rite of passage. For some reason, they just taste better too! Also, you have no idea how difficult it is trying to carve the shape of Texas into a circular Eggo waffle.


2.  Texas Shaped Pint Glass: drink from any side and avoid the DUI

Nothing says Texas like drinking from your own Texas-shaped pint glass. This is perfect for when I'm drinking beer or having some whisky and the best part of this gift is you can drink from any region and avoid a DUI.


This is a MUST for any bar!  It comes with a shooter, shot glass and other cool bar items.  Also, it's a perfect companion to gift idea #2.


Nothing is cooler than your own Texas-shaped ice cubes.  Plus, it goes perfect with gift #3, and #2. I wonder how difficult it is to get those ice cubes out though...


This isn't for ordinary cooking. When I see this I think of something spicy like chorizo or if we're baking, sweet jalapeno corn bread.  What more would say Texas by serving one of your favorite dishes in the shape of Texas?


It's another staple for Texas-shaped things, but it's still important because it involves food.


Feast your eyes on this baby!  Making s'mores or relaxing on a nice fall night sounds like a plan with this Texas-shaped fire ring.  Perfect for camping (in Texas), backyards (in Texas), or add some flavor to your current fire pit (in Texas).

One thing everyone knows about Texans is that they love some good BBQ. Grilling on this bad boy will show everyone that your food will come out the best because you're a Texan making Texas food on a BBQ shaped like Texas.  It's available in 4 colors and I think I'll be getting this one myself.

I love a good tequila but this is an added bonus because the bottle is beautiful. It's like... staring at a map and focusing in on the best state in the country - Texas! Republic Tequila comes in different flavors and will keep you festive this holiday.  Also, it makes a great companion to gift ideas #2, #3, and #4.

10.  Texas Electric Guitar: does not promise you'll shred like Stevie Ray Vaughan

I'm not too sure about the practicality of this guitar, but I can guarantee you if you're on stage with this, everyone will be looking at you.