Ahh, time change weekend. Bring it. This means we are only 3 weeks away from the return of Moolah The Cash Cow. He's back March 28th at 7:20 am.

Yup, your chance to win up to $5000 always draws near when we Spring forward because that means Moolah is gonna need to give away some more of that money for spring break, a new ride, a vacation, or money to pay off your taxes if ya owe.

In the meantime, here are ten pretty good "Spring Forward" time change memes to help remind you to do what your smart devices already do. Skip ahead one hour before bed on Saturday night. You might need to take care of the oven, microwave, or car stereo unless you have a totally modern house. Then you might not even know what the time change is.

2019 Cash Cow


  • 1

    Spring Forward - Yoda

  • 2

    Spring Your Clocks Forward

  • 3

    Ain't Nobody Got Time For Spring

  • 4

    It's Count Rugen's Favorite Time of Year

  • 5

    Who's Ready for Monday?

  • 6

    Grumpy Time Change

  • 7

    We Have To Go Back

  • 8

    It's Spring, Ho!

  • 9

    Let's Try This

  • 10

    Cash Cow In Just 3 Weeks!!

  • 11

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