I'm not as hairy as I once was, and that's thanks to laser hair removal I had awhile back.  Despite that, there's still plenty of untreated, scary hairy body parts left.  Take a guess at which body part I'm showing you and you could a great prize from  US105.

It's the ultimate in life's unfair equations:  I'm hairy everywhere except for the place I should have hair... the top of my head.  A few years back I had the opportunity to try laser hair removal at Rain, Skin & Body. I know I'm a guy and I shouldn't be worried about stuff like that, but I'd lost a bunch of weight and wanted to be able to have my shirt off at the pool without being confused for a Chupacabra.

You've got a chance to experience what I experienced thanks to Rain, Skin & Body.  Enter the Scary Hairy contest.  If your photo is voted to be the scariest, hairiest picture online, you'll win free laser hair removal on one of those scary, hairy body parts from Rain, Skin & Body.

Now, to celebrate my now-smooth body part, I'm going to have you guess the scary hairy body part.  Take a look at the picture:

Guess the Scary Hairy body part. Photo by Jamie Garrett

The first below to comment the correct answer wins a free month of unlimited classes at Titan Total Training in Temple.  

Be as specific as possible.  Use words like upper, lower, left, right, etc.  First to hit it dead-on wins.  Ties will be settled based on the first correct answer, or the most specific answer in relation to the body part.  We'll contact you if you're the winner.

Plus, come back tomorrow AND I'll show you another picture, for your chance to win even more.


Guess today's Scary Hairy body part and win a free month at Titan Total Training. Photo by Jamie Garrett


Now, you've got a chance to win your way to a less scary, hairy life, just like me! Enter our Scary Hairy Contest and show us a picture, just like I showed you mine. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to get laser hair removal you might not otherwise be able to access.