It's something the 49ers, the Golden State Warriors or even the recent world champion Giants couldn't do.  It's a wish granted by the Make-a-Wish organization that's brought the city of San Francisco together.  It's not to cheer on a sports team that's bringing them together.  It's a 5-year-old Leukemia patient that wants to be Bat-Kid for a day.

Miles is ready for action!! Photo credit Make-a-Wish SF/Bay area &

Maybe this story caught my eye because Miles is the same age as my younger son.  Maybe it's the lengths to which Make-a-Wish will go to make that wish come true that sucked me into this story.  More than likely, however, it's the number of people willing to volunteer for this wish, made by a child they'd likely have never met otherwise.

We hear a lot of bad news about bad people doing bad things to good kids.  We heard about several pumpkins being stolen.  It's a laugh-riot when Jimmy Kimmel has parents messing with their kids' heads.  There's not much coverage of the city coming together to make the wish of a sick child come true.

Young Miles is battling leukemia, and for his wish he wanted to be Batman for a day.  What Miles is getting instead is an entire day centered around BatKid saving the day time and time again.  The day will start with the San Francisco mayor making a TV appearance to announce that BatKid is needed to bring "bad guys to justice".

Throughout the day, Miles will save the day and stop evil-doers from getting away.  He'll get a chance to save damsel in distress on the local cable car lines.  He'll stop a bank robbery.  He'll get lunch, and then things get real.  Thousands of volunteers are pouring out of the woodwork to help make this day even more special.  There are actors looking for a role, videographers wanting to film the action, people giving gifts, a firetruck making an appearance and a whole lot more to come as more and more people come together to help make a complete stranger's wish come true.



What makes this wish so special is the number of people working to make just one kid's wish come true.  Nobody has to do it.  Nobody's getting rich or famous off this.  A Kardashian won't Tweet at you with a "thanks for the hard work".  People are doing it because there are good people in this world still that consider others ahead of themselves and are willing to sacrifice to make the lives of others better.  There is even a Central Texas Chapter of Make-a-Wish where you can get involved and help make the wish of a youngster come true.

Parent or not, this story comes down to the very real "it could happen to anyone" aspect of this deadly disease and many more like it.  The great people of San Francisco (how long has it been since you've said THAT??) are coming together to make the best day of young Miles' life.  Here's to hoping he gets to tell this story to his own grandkids many, many decades from now.  God bless, Miles.