A 130-year-old bridge over Big Elm Creek on CR 179 has lasted much longer than expected when it was built by the King Iron Bridge Company in 1884.

Now TxDot is trying to see if the historical bridge can be moved elsewhere. KWTX reports that TxDot has a program in which it seeks out new homes for historic bridges called the Historic Bridge Legacy Program. This program seeks to find homes for bridges of this kind in area parks and nature trails around the state.

The bridge will need to be relocated and seems to be in need of a few repairs. It will also need a treatment to get rid of the lead-paint.

The bridge is one of a few bowstring single truss bridges in Texas. According to TxDOT, the bridge is worth a very surprising $300,000 dollars. Some federal dollars should be available to help with the cost of moving the bridge once a new owner is found.

Anyone interested in more information about the bridge can dial 254-867-2744 or find out how to adopt the bridge by asking for David Jayroe.