15-year-old Kaveion Morris was walking to the bus stop early last month when he heard a cry for help and sprung into action.

Kaveion told of FOX4 that when he rushed over to an apartment complex's pool he saw a little boy crying because his sister was in the water. As soon as he could tell it was a person, he jumped in the save the girl on that chilly morning.

The little girl, maybe 4 or 5 years old, was not breathing when Kaveion pulled her out. Not sure what to do, a neighbor and fellow classmate instructed him to perform CPR while she called 911.

Within minutes the girl was breathing.

“I was kind of like wow life is so precious, like you could be gone in an instant and you could be back in the same time,”

-Kaveions classmate who helped save the girl

These two are real heroes. What a way to start a day! After paramedics confirmed the little girl was fine, the two made their way to their Dallas school and even got there on time.

Imagine if they'd been late?

"Mind explaining why you were tardy?"

"Oh, just saving a little girl's life. Still want to give me detention?"

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