We've done several write ups asking what business East Texans would most want in the area. Just off the top of my head, I would say that 74 percent (again, just pulling this number out of thin air but I would bet its pretty close) would want a modern H-E-B built somewhere, anywhere, in our counties known as East Texas (sorry Carthage and Lufkin, your stores don't count.) That's why East Texans are jealous when they learn of a new H-E-B opening up some where else besides here. This new H-E-B set to open on February 15 in Austin, Texas is a perfect example of that.

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More Than a Grocery Store

A two story H-E-B is nothing new, there is one in New Braunfels that opened last year. However, this two story H-E-B is certainly unique. For one, it's built not far from the Colorado River that feeds into Lake Travis several miles north. For another, the amenities this store offers makes it more than just a grocery store. You could seriously go and just hang out with a couple of friends without doing a lick of shopping.

The store will have H-E-B's own True Texas BBQ restaurant (named best barbecue chain by Texas Monthly), a full bar with both indoor and outdoor seating, H-E-B's own SouthFlo Pizza restaurant and a coffee shop. So yeah, text a couple of your girlfriends and ask about getting together just to chat at H-E-B (H-E-B Press Release).

Even the Look of the Store is Different

The look of the store will be very unique, as well, featuring vine covered walls, natural lighting, a pitched roof to match the other buildings around the store as well as textured limestone, wood and D'Hanis brick. The store will have energy efficient refrigeration that can capture the condensation to be used to irrigate the landscaping along with solar panels to help power the store.

New Austin H-E-B - H-E-B via Press Release
New Austin H-E-B - H-E-B via Press Release

Oh yeah, there is a grocery store in there, too. Shopping on the multiple levels will be super easy with elevators and escalators, including escalators for your shopping cart. There will even be underground parking below the store. This store takes "bigger in Texas" to a whole 'nother level.

New Austin H-E-B - H-E-B via Press Release
New Austin H-E-B - H-E-B via Press Release

Enjoy Austin folks. For us in East Texas, we'll just look at this and cross our fingers that the "handshake agreement" between Brookshire's and H-E-B can be rescinded.

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