Today is a bittersweet day. I wish I was home to see my sweet little nephews and nieces light up with joy as they yell "trick or treat" with their costumes that can't seem to fit right. My eyes light up when I see their bucket full of candy, I wait until they pass out to get all the good candy and let's be real, they don't realize it. It's not like I'm out there pulling a Jimmy Kimmel "I ate all of your candy" bit. Just in case you need an excuse to reap the benefits of your child's work without guilt here are 4 reasons you SHOULD take some of your kid's candy.

Rebecca Mcelewee
Rebecca Mcelewee

1. Cavities. Guess what happens when your kid eats candy every night for a month right before bed? Save money, the dentist is going to make a lot of money from the other kids on the block.

2. Your kid learns all about taxes. You play uncle Sam, they play you in this scenario, the bucket of candy signifies they paycheck and you show them how much Mommy and Daddy go through to pay the mortgage!

3. Sharing is caring. You don't want to raise a selfish kid, do you?

4. Christmas Stocking is Covered. Little did your kid know that you took some candy to make sure their stocking is full on Christmas morning. Look at you being resourceful and saving money!

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