Doug Delony with shared some raw video of a horrible crash this morning that happened on the I-10 bridge at the San Jacinto River.

Officials say that a car crashed into an 18-wheeler before somehow slipping between the gap that lies in the middle of the two bridges. The vehicle landed upside down on the ground below with a 4-year-old baby on board.

A life flight was called to the area but the 4-year-old has since been pronounced dead. There are no official reports of other injuries from the crash. Police shut down the freeway for a while but it has now re-opened.


This reminds me of the time when 5 of my family members got into a terrible accident in which the van they rode in crashed through a roadside shoulder barrier and rolled down a hill away from the highway. I was not with them that day and as you can imagine, hearing most of your family has been in a terrible crash can be pretty unsettling. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt. My little bro did break his collar bone in the accident, he ended up being ok. Thank god for seat belts. Please remember to always stay buckled up for summer road trips or even just short trips to H-E-B. Seatbelts save lives friends.


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