Can you name 5 movies that have roots in Texas?

It really shouldn't surprise you that there have been a lot movies that have come here to make magic. These are my 5 favorites that have captured some footage from the great state of Texas.

There are a lot of films that have been made here, but these 5 are the ones that jump out at me as being "Classic" and with great visuals of Texas.

  • Hellfighters

    John Wayne

    One of my favorite John Wayne movies. It's loosely based on the life of Red Adair. Nobody else seems to like it, which makes me like the film even more. Screw you Rotten Tomatoes!


  • Powder

    Now that's a White guy

    The movie shows just how hard it is to be "different" in America. If given a choice between "hate" and "compassion", we will hate first. That is, if, that's what the angry mob is telling us to do. Houston, Llano, Texas City, and Wharton were used as back drops in this movie.


  • No Country for Old Men

    The Coen Brothers

    This movie won 4 Academy Awards, but it was good anyway. I love a bad guy who gives everyone a chance.

    "Call it."

    "What can I expect to win?

    "Everything. Call it."

    It's got one of the them "film" endings, but the stuff in-between is Gold, Jerry!

    Big Bend National Park and Marfa were used in making this classic.

  • Lone Wolf McQuade

    Chuck Norris Baby!

    Oh sure, when you think Chuck, you think Walker. But before there was Walker, there was "Lone Wolf" JJ McQuade.

    I first saw this at a Drive in Theater, which only added to the "Amazing" factor. Chuck Norris was kicking peoples butts in blue jeans. Heck I wore blue jeans too.

    Plus it has, to this day, one of the best movie lines ever.

    " Hey, how would you like to bite that in the butt, develop lockjaw, and be dragged to death?"

    Plus, it's Chuck Norris vs. David Carradine, in corny 80's movie glory. How can you ask for more?

  • Target

    Gene Hackman

    I'm a sucker for movies that have a Cold War connection. Add in the fact it's an 80's movie, and it becomes one of my all time favorites.

    I went to Europe in 1984, and I've loved any movie that has a European connection to that time. The movie came out in 1985, so it was being made the same time I was over there.

    Before it jumped the pond, it was filmed in Corpus Christi and Dallas.