As I continue to get to know the Lone Star state, I've come across some pretty cool facts to file under #onlyinTexas. Check these out:

  • 1

    In Texas, it's legal to kill Big Foot.

    It's true! If you find him, you can shoot first and ask your Big Foot questions later.

    Epic Wildlife via Youtube
  • 2

    Earth, Texas is the only "Earth" on Earth

    Earth, Texas is the only town on "Earth" to share it's name with our planet.

    Roadhacker Earth, Texas via youtube
  • 3

    In Norway, "Texas" is another word for "Crazy"

    Norwegian Slang? Yes it is.

  • 4

    Texas Has Sued The Federal Goevernment Over 40 Times

    You bet, 42 times and counting in the past century!

  • 5

    Widest Freeway In America

    I-10 and Katy Freeway expands to 26 lanes at it's widest point near Houston. It's among the widest in the world!

    freewayjim via youtube