March 28 is Something on a Stick Day, and of course the boss didn't give us the day off. So, we made our own fun and found some things lying around the office that just don't work in On-A-Stick form.

Buttered Waffle On A Stick

Even if you can capture the syrup in the squares, you'll still have to take precise bites, and where's the fun in that?

Aaron Savage, TSM

Cereal On A Stick

We thought powdered milk would make this practical. We were wrong, but at least all the powder we spilled soaked up the syrup on the floor.

Aaron Savage, TSM

Chips 'N' Salsa On A Stick

You could spear the chunks, but you'd lose the sauce. Plus, it's not easy balancing the chip before the tequila, so imagine the nightmare after.

Aaron Savage, TSM

Prescription Medication On A Stick

Unless specifically recommended by your doctor, this just isn't a great idea, especially if the stick is pointy.

Aaron Savage, TSM

Masters of the Universe Starring Dolph Lundgren

We recommend a milder cheese...

Aaron Savage, TSM this.

Aaron Savage, TSM