Can we make Office Puppies a thing? Like every office gets an Office Puppy? Maybe you're thinking "No one will get their works done." Wouldn't you prefer happiness at work over work done at work? One of our co-workers has been bringing her puppy to work until he is old enough to stay at home alone. It's safe to say these past 2 weeks have been the best work weeks of my life.

Krystal Montez
  1. Unity in the workplace. People all of a sudden decide to hang out with each other because there is a puppy around. We all gather and ohh and ahh at the tiny little fur ball. We may not all agree when it comes to budgets and projects, but we do agree, that is one cute puppy!
  2. You remember it's time to take a break. Let's be honest sometimes you forget to take a bathroom break or even skip over lunch. One thing you won't forget to do, is take a puppy break. That annoying spreadsheet you've been working on doesn't seem so bad after a 5 minute puppy play date.
  3. Free Cuddles. Is your spouse or child a little less cuddly these days? No worries, a puppy a day keeps the sadness away! Hug away.
  4. You sneak exercise and fresh air into your day. The potty break isn't just a potty break. You get out of your chair and run around outside with a cute puppy. 10 minutes of exercise and a fresh mind to help your productivity at work.
  5. They are your floor cleaners. Why invest in an office Roomba when you can have puppy Tucker eat the fry that fell on the floor? The cleaning company will thank you it is less for them to vacumm.

To all you bosses out there, get your office an office puppy. Your office will thank you.

Krystal Montez