Anytime you feel like you need a pick me up, drop by the El Arroyo Facebook page to check out whats on the sign in front of the store. Better yet, drive down for some Tex-Met and a few laughs!

The restaurant is located at 1624 W. 5th street in Austin.

Fans of Pat Green will recognize the name from the lyrics "get yourself down to El Arroyo and let yourself go". They've been serving up queso and Tex-Mex for 40 years! Clearly, they've also developed a pretty great sense of humor along the way as well.

Here are 5 times the sign out front had us cracking up!

  • 1

    When it's been a long weekend...

  • 2

    When work is calling...

  • 3

    When tacos run low...

  • 4

    Nobody sneezes louder than Dad!

  • 5

    They even practice Botany!

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