Today marks a famous anniversary for a generation of Elvis Presley fans and our local community.  Are you curious to know what it is?

When I came to this town 23 years ago, one of the first things I noticed were all the "Elvis Slept Here" signs.  I thought it was a joke (I really did) until I found out he was stationed and actually lived here in Killeen.

I think it was on the second day I was here, another morning jock on our sister station, Michael McGuire, took me to see the famed "Elvis house." No, I don't mean Graceland, Elvis' historic home in Tennessee.  I'm talking about the modest ranch-style home the "King of Rock and Roll" stayed in while stationed as a young Army soldier at Fort Hood.

The home still stands today.

I was expecting a much bigger home, honestly. It surprised me that a man so famous lived in such a small home, with mother, father, grandmother and bodyguard. He stayed close to his family and kept his life simple while being a soldier in the United States Army.

Most people who have lived in Killeen and Temple for a long time have a story about Elvis while he was stationed at Fort Hood.   In 1958, Elvis was inducted into the Army and assigned to the A Company of the Second Armored Division's Tank Battalion, at Fort Hood. He completed basic training in June.  In August of that same year, Elvis' beloved mother Gladys became gravely ill.  Elvis was granted leave to see her, shortly before she died. He then returned to Fort Hood and was transferred to Germany soon afterward, effectively ending the King's reign in Killeen.

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Today marks the 53rd anniversary of Elvis' discharge from the Army, and even after all this time, people in Killeen and Temple still are curious about the King's modest home, and about the King's time in town.


So, do you have any local memories of Elvis? What about your grandparents or parents, do they have any good Elvis at Fort Hood stories? Tell me about them here in the comments below!