What's worse? Poisonous snakes or poisonous spiders?

I would say "pick your poison", but in this case running into any of the 6 most venomous creatures in Texas will require some medical attention if you get bit. Since spring is here and the bugs are back, you can bet hungry snakes and spiders are not far behind. Just to be safe, let's run through the "Dangerous Six" who live in Texas!

  • 1

    Black Widow Spider

    If I never see one in Texas, I'll be a happy man. A bite from a black widow will require medical attention.

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  • 2

    Cottonmouth Snake

    A bite from a cottonmouth can cause permanent muscle damage and if you don't seek medical attention, this bite can be fatal in some instances.

  • 3


    While a bite from a rattlesnake isn't necessarily life threatening, you can get sick and in any case you should seek medical attention.

    Look at this infestation in Abilene, Texas!

  • 4

    Copperhead Snake

    A bite from any of these poisonous snakes can cause an individual to go into shock, especially the venom from the copperhead. While their bite isn't usually fatal to adults, it can be very dangerous for a small child.

  • 5

    Coral Snake

    A Coral Snake's venom can be fatal in some cases. It can make it hard to swallow and even cause muscular paralysis.

  • 6

    Brown Recluse

    Unfortunately, I've already come across a couple of these guys. While the bite doesn't hurt per say, you can get a fever and the chills. Medical attention is recommended.

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