Even though several of my friends had quinceañeras when I was growing up I was never lucky enough to get my own party. A quinceañera is a Spanish tradition that is still practiced today and it's considered a "coming of age party". Miranda Sanchez a Corpus Christie resident is obsessed with her chihuahua, Lupita Conchita and her dog even has her own Instagram. Since her dog was Turning 15 in dog years she thought why not throw a quinceañera for her dog and invite friends and family and their dogs too. It's safe to say the party was lit. Miranda Sanchez's cousin posted photos of the dogie quinceañera on Twitter and Lupita the Chihuahua is officially famous. Unfortunately a lot of us were not invited and weren't able to see all the lined up food, cupcakes, and a doggie-sized dress and tiara from Build-A-Bear. The theme was pink, and Lupita the chihuahua rocked it.

Get in line to take pictures with dis buuurrrday girl! #okkkuuurrr

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My dog Olive and I feel left out for sure. We could have gotten dressed up and made the drive. This is something to keep in mind for when my dog turns 15 in human years! Have you ever thrown a party for your pet? Let us see your photos!

I’m so photogenic, it comes natural.. #quincepictures

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