We are now learning more about the White House fence jumper from Copperas Cove, 42 year old Omar J. Gonzalez. Security found a knife in his pocket when he was arrested. Gonzalez will appear in court today.

The AP reports, the man's former step-son, Jerry Murphy, said Gonzalez suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.  He said Gonzalez had been driving around the country and living out of his truck for the past couple of years, and that he always carries his knife. He said he doesn't believe Gonzalez intended to hurt anyone.

The same story reports, Samantha Bell, Gonzalez's ex-wife, said she and Gonzalez married in 2006 and lived together in Copperas Cove, until she split up with him in 2010 because of his worsening mental condition. After his second tour in Iraq, Gonzalez began carrying a .45 on his hip at all times and kept three or four rifles and shotguns behind the doors in their home, said Bell, who remarried and now lives in southern Indiana.



The army says 42 year old Omar J. Gonzalez, the man accused of getting inside the White House after scaling a fence, is a veteran who was awarded a medal for his service in Iraq and retired due to disability.

Gonzalez served from 1997 to 2003, when he was discharged. He enlisted again in 2005 and served until December 2012, when he retired.

In the criminal complaint, Gonzalez told Secret Service agents after his arrest that he was "concerned that the atmosphere was collapsing" and needed to contact the president "so he could get word out to the people."


UPDATE (Sept 20)

CNN now reports the suspect who scaled the White House fence and made it inside the building had a knife in his pocket.  The station reports 42 year old Omar Gonzalez was carrying a folding knife.  Gonzalez, of Copperas Cove, Texas, is now accused of unlawfully entering a restricted building or grounds while carrying a deadly or dangerous weapon.

According to CNN, the affidavit, in support of a criminal complaint, said he carried a Spyderco VG-10 folding knife with a three-and-a-half inch serrated blade in his pants pocket. On Friday, the Secret Service said the fence jumper appeared to be unarmed.


Previous Story

It happened again Friday night, (September 19).  Someone decided to get a close up, unauthorized view of the Presidents house. Here's cellphone video of the incident.



And here's a report from CBS with more pictures.




According to various news reports the man climbed over the White House fence, ran across the lawn and actually made it inside the White house before he was arrested.


He was taken into custody just inside the doors.  Nobody was home, at least no Obama’s were home. Michelle was already gone, but the President and his daughters flew off about 15 minutes before the man hopped the fence.


The man was identified as 42 year old  Omar J. Gonzalez of Copperas Cove.  Yep, he's from Copperas Cove.  Maybe you know him.


Gonzalez was charged with unlawful entry into the White House complex.  He was not armed at the time and no word on why he did it.  He is apparently the first fence jumper to make it all the way inside the White House.

Gonzalez was taken to a hospital for a medical evaluation after complaining of chest pains.



Do you think the Secret Service may have some job openings soon?