With an influx of new people coming into Central Texas, I remember when I first arrived and had to start pronouncing the names of some of the local communities.

I had trouble with Killeen. I thought it was Kye Leen, because no one would want the word "KILL" in their city name. Nope, I was wrong.

Here are a few others that threw people for the first few times. Good thing we don't live near Waxahachie.

  • Boerne

    As in Jason?

    Boerne (Bur-nee) is only a few minutes north of San Antonio. Which is much easier to pronounce

  • Copperas Cove

    It's a twister

    Yes, our very own Copperas Cove twists the tongue of new people the first time. We all have an urge to pronounce the "AS" at the end. Comes out Copper-ass Cove.

  • Mexia

    You knew it was coming

    Yes, Mex ee a. Nope, It's Ma-hey-a. Just like Texas should be Ta-haas.