28-year-old Christopher William Mann of Killeen has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after police say he struck a woman with a metal baseball bat, as well as a wooden bat and a wrench.

Police responded to a call in the 1000 block of North 10th Street in Killeen Thursday night and found the victim with several injuries, including a swollen left eye, bruised arms and legs and cuts on her ear. The victim told authorities she lost hearing in the injured ear after being assaulted.

The suspect, Mann, was later seen hopping a fence and fleeing north on 10th street. He led police on a brief chase before being arrested and booked into Bell County Jail. He was arraigned yesterday by Justice of the Peace Garland Potvin, with bail set at $100,000. He is also being charged with violating his parole. Authorities have no disclosed Mann’s relationship to the victim or his motive for assault.