This Saturday night, for my third time, I gather with friends to feed the masses and battle for the title "King of Cuisine"

It's time once again for the "Kings of Cuisine" competition at the Hilton Garden Inn.  This annual event benefits the Temple College Foundation and talk about fun!


This is my third year to participate in the festivities and each year we all step our games up a bit more.  There's four categories this year that participants can choose from: Beverage, Entree, Grilled, and Dessert.  I've entered the Entree category with something special this year.  I'm combining two of my favorite cooking styles, Caribbean & Cajun, with my Jamaican Jerk Jambalaya.

Tickets to the event are $20 which allows you to eat offerings from all the chefs and vote for your favorites.  Tipping is allowed and actually helps not only the Foundation, but each dollar counts as an additional vote towards winning.  Tickets are available from all the chefs and the Temple College Foundation in downtown Temple.

Friday morning, Jennifer Graham from TCF will be on the air with Julia and I, to give you more details, so listen up and get ready to get your grub on at the Kings of Cuisine Saturday night at the Hilton Garden Inn.