If you watched Men or Women's golf in Rio during Olympics, your saw a little bit of Texas.

Bladerunner farms in Poteet, Texas is a grass/sod business that developed "Zeon Zoysia", the grass used on the course hosting the Olympic golf finals over the weekend.

The farm says it's a strain of grass that requires less water and less fertilizer. The results are a surface that's nearly perfect for playing the game of golf on. Since the game is back as an Olympic sport for the first time in 112 years, lots of people were watching this weekend. The Men's team finished with a bronze medal and the Women's team did not finish in the top three.

Poteet is in east Texas, and almost a 10-hour flight from the Olympic golf course. Darin Doguet who works on the farm told KXAN TV the grass was sent to Rio as a couple of square-foot sections, then grown in Brazil to the now 80+ plus acres that make up most of the course. The farm did not profit from the project. The company who grew the grass once it reached Rio, flew the owners of Bladerunner farms to the Olympics to see the course for themselves. Pretty great story for some Lone Star farmers.

For a better look at Bladerunner Farm in Poteet, Texas, check out the aerial footage in this video tour of the grass farm.

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