Cities around the world are trying new things to get People to pick up their dog's poop on the streets.  Some try to DNA test the poop.  One town in Spain mails the poop to the owners.  And then, there's the city of Bristol, in England,that has put up a bunch of posters showing TODDLERS EATING POOP!   As Rita Baloo would say UGH!!!


NewsBreaker, YouTube

The Poster shows a little kid with what is supposed to be dog poop on her hands and all over her mouth.  It has the slogan, quote, "Children will put anything in their mouths."

Please tell me it's really Chocolate!

Then it shows a pile of dog poop and asks people to call to report dog owners who leave poop behind.

The Bristol City Council has gotten some heat over this, but for now they're standing their ground.  In one tweet, they wrote, quote, "Shocking imagery, but perhaps it will help encourage a few more dog owners to do the responsible thing."