So we got several calls at the radio station this week regarding a haunted business in Killeen. We decided to play along and go investigate. 

The old Gander Mountain building in Killeen has seen a lot of unusual activity over the last month. Everyone from people claiming to be paranormal investigators to families said to have gone in but never have come out. The reports all said the old Gander Mountain was haunted.

From the moment the doors opened we found it to be true. After taking a good long look around we think we found the source of the haunt. Check out the walkthrough above and if you're feeling frisky, check it out for yourself!

The Haunted Gander Mountain is located at 701 E. Central Texas Expressway in Killeen. We hope you enjoyed our trip to Spirit Halloween. They've got something for everyone, and who doesn't like walking around the Halloween store? It's fun!

Be sure to wear your costume to Johnny's Outback in Salado on October 28th for Boo Bash! We've got a costume contest for every type of costume, Boo Bar-be-que specials, and music with US 105!

Happy Halloween!

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