A new study from Cornell University in New York has found that the longer you wait to bring sex into a relationship, the better off you'll be if end up getting hitched.



According to the study, about 33% of the couples in the survey had sex within the first month, about 28% waited six months, and the rest were somewhere in between. The women who waited at least six months were happier in every category of the survey than the women who had sex within the first month.  They rep0rted fewer arguments, stronger relationships, and even better sex lives.

Men who didn't have sex for the first six months of a relationship DID report fewer arguments than men who had sex sooner, but on a hole, the study seemed to effect the women more.  Guys are guys,  it don't matter when they get it, as long as they get it.

Researchers found that a relationship built on sex has a weaker foundation than that of a relationship built on respect and friendship.