The BIG Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) Job Fair is coming to Fort Hood, June 19.  It’s open to everyone,  all you have to do is get on post.

If you are a civilian, you must get a pass from the Visitor’s Center.  You can do that ahead of time. This Job Fair will feature employers from all over the United States and overseas too.  They are really big into hiring prior military, especially the contractors, but civilians can find jobs too.

If you are willing to relocate, your prospects for finding a job at this Fair are pretty good.  At this time you should be polishing up your resume, some of the employers will take them at the Job Fair. You may also fill out applications there, though most companies want you to go on online. So get busy and get ready for the ACAP Summer Job Fair June 19, from 10-3  at Club Hood.