Every single day I read yet ANOTHER rumor about "Shelbert" aka Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert having marital problems. I think that just comes with the territory of being a super famous celebrity power couple, so I don't necessarily feel sorry for them...but I did have to snicker at Blake's latest interview in People magazine.

Blake explains that the "key to marriage" is giving Miranda access to his smart phone at all times.


I agree with Blake when he says that not keeping secrets from your spouse is very important in a marriage, but there is something about MY phone that is sacred to me.


I of course LOVE my husband, but I also love my phone. I do everything on my phone including banking, email, blogging and all of my social media and I just don't want my husband snooping thru it!  Is that being a bad wife?

Do I have anything to hide?

Maybe?  Maybe not? Not really....but I consider my phone exactly like my purse!  You never go snooping through a woman's purse! And to tell you the truth, It has never really occurred to me to go through my husband's phone either. (That is most likely because I am too busy on my OWN phone.)

My phone doesn't have a security code on it so technically he would have to pry it away from hand while I am sleeping to snoop thru it, but I guess that means he does have access to it.

Hmmm...now that I am thinking about it, maybe I SHOULD have a security code on my phone!

If I was Miranda I'd make sure that "The Voice's" Raelynn's phone number was blocked. I just don't trust that girl.