Tennessee governor Bill Haslam will veto legislation that required anyone who films animal cruelty to turn the footage in to authorities within 48 hours, much to the delight of celebrities like Carrie Underwood.

The singer was involved in a heated public exchange with the so-called 'Ag-Gag' bill's sponsor last month, and she's celebrating today.

"Great news," Underwood tweeted Monday, linking to a story on the Tennessean's website. The Nashville newspaper revealed Gov. Haslam's plans to veto the bill, which is partly because of the strong show of opposition, but mostly for constitutional reasons. He referenced a report from state attorneys that brought up the possibility of First and Fifth Amendment violations. Furthermore, some details are vague -- such as which law enforcement authority the footage needs to be turned in to.

Last month, Underwood joined celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Emmylou Harris and Ginnifer Goodwin in opposition of the bill. Her tweets drew reaction from Tennessee state representative Andy Holt, who questioned if she'd read the piece of legislation, questioned her association with the Humane Society and suggested she 'stick to singing.'

Underwood had said if the bill was signed, she would show up at Haslam's front door personally.