It's a wonder anyone was able to play golf at all in Bryan, Texas, thanks to a man who made off with over 1400 golf balls that belonged to the Traditions Golf Club.

As a kid, I thought my Dad had a lot of golf balls in the garage, this guy takes the cake! What diabolical plan was in motion with all these stolen golf balls? Would they be released at the beginning of a marathon and cause a massive slip and fall? Perhaps they would be re-sold for cash? Only one guy knows for sure.

Officers found the stolen golf balls during a traffic stop in the Bryan area. They pulled over 43-year-old Shane Mix on Joshua, Texas. KWTX News 10 reports he had expired tags on his vehicle. He was also towing a golf cart on a trailer that police noticed has recently been painted. The golf balls he had in his possession were all stamped with the Traditions logo according to KBTX.

The charges include theft in connection with the theft of the golf balls and police then held Mix thanks to his unrelated warrants from Frisco, Denton, and Tarrant counties. He'll be staying in the Brazos County Jail on bonds totaling $49,000.

Mix was pulled over around 10:30 am Thursday. The total stash of golf balls is worth about $3,500 bucks. That's a lot of practice rounds.

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