Southwest Airlines has been know for years by us economy class stiffs as being the fun, upbeat airline with rapping flight attendants and fun safety instructions.  Today, the champion goes down.

Southwest Airlines may be known stateside as the fun, hip airline that didn't take themselves too seriously by lightening the mood of the safety instructions.  Many don't know they've long been outdone internationally by Air New Zealand. Known by nerds as the place where Lord of the Rings was filmed, Air New Zealand didn't shy away from that fact and went all "the Precious" on us.




They also employed the unkillable Bear Grylls.




Neither of those videos come close to the sheer genius behind their latest video.





Airline flight instructions have come a long way since Tommy Boy.





We've also cranked up the excitement level since this Northwest Airlines video from 1987





As cute as the swimsuit models may be, they're far outdone on the Cuteness Scale by these youngsters.




Then there's always the star of Southwest Airlines, the rapping flight attendant.