Forget the tumbler of ice tea. Get a tumbler full of cool refreshing air.

I used to take a thermos, fill it with ice and use it to rub against my neck and head to try to stay cool, but now there's something better. It's your personal A/C unit that looks like a tumbler. It's the Airwirl.

Started on Kickstarter, this unique item would be perfect for a person who's forced to be outside in the Texas heat. Just fill the tumbler with ice. Get 3 batteries and be prepared to be cool.

And for the folks up North. This also can kick out heat in the winter time with a simple heat pack tossed in the tumbler.

Hot in the winter, cool in the summer, all in the palm of your hand. It's the Airwirl. It's the invention that you hate yourself for not coming up with yourself.

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