Reports that Alan Jackson's middle daughter Ali was hospitalized after a car accident have proven untrue after the singer's publicist confirmed the story was a hoax. A fake Alan Jackson Facebook page was set up with a post that seemed to come from the hitmaker. It was not his official page, however.

Music Row confirmed suspicions of the hoax. Similar hoaxes have fooled fans of Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton in recent years. This one claimed Ali Jackson was in a car accident and seemed fine until she began coughing up blood during dinner. In addition to hundreds of fans, singer Wynonna Judd was among those tricked. She offered a tweet in support of Jackson and his family.

The fake Facebook page had just 40,000 followers, compared to nearly two million for the official account. Other clues would be the "with Ainsely Jackson-Wright" text at the end of the message. It's not clear who that is, as Ali's full name is Alexandra Jane. Also, the famously private singer rarely leaves messages on his social media sites, so a message with this much detail would be highly unusual.

Shortly after noon ET his team left this message on his official account:

Hey, folks - we appreciate your thoughts and concerns for Alan's family. There is someone posing as Alan on Facebook and posting false information about him and his family. We want everyone to know his family is fine. Please keep in mind that this is the only accurate and official Facebook page for Alan Jackson. Thanks again.