Alan Rickman passed away this morning from cancer at the age of 69, and I have cried no less than three times since.

I've been such an ardent fan of his work with the Harry Potter films for many years, and I'm just so sad that we will not see any more of his brilliant work on screen.

He sat down in 2012, for an interview with The New York Times to discuss his career and specifically his role as Professor Severus Snape. He talks about how he got his start, and the movie role that introduced him to many of us, Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

He then moves on to a more romantic and kind role in Sense and Sensibility as Colonel Brandon playing opposite Kate Winslet. His range is truly remarkable, and his voice distinctive.

His thoughts on Severus Snape and how he helped develop the costume are quite interesting. His thoughts on keeping Snape 'buttoned up' are very telling early on, though he doesn't share what small piece of information Jo Rowling gave him to help shape his character.

Dueling with Maggie Smith sounds quite challenging when he puts it into perspective. He also discusses whether or not he ever considered stepping away from the character. He also talks about the difference between acting and directing.

He shares that he is passionate about storytelling and that sometimes that is more satisfying as a director than as an actor. He talks about the challenge and trust between acting and directing.

Wondering what he does for fun in his free time? He doesn't really answer. Instead he shares what advice he would give young actors about acting. 'Don't thinking about acting.'

He goes on to encourage young people to read books, go to art galleries, know what's happening in the news, figure your self out and travel.