With the return of True Blood last night on HBO I thought today was the perfect day to honor Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman as my latest aMan Crush.

Not to take anything away from Alexander, but his character Eric Northman is who I'm really crushing on. I was first introduced to Eric Northman's character in the television series True Blood, but really began to like him when I started reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels that the series is loosely based upon.

Eric is a vampire and love interest of Sookie Stackhouse living in Northwest Louisiana in a time where vampires have come out into the real world. With the introduction of synthetic blood they no longer need to feed solely on humans, though they still prefer it. If you've seen the series you know that it is often a pleasurable act for the human and the vampire.

Today I felt we should celebrate the manliness of Eric Northman that Alexander brings to the small screen. In the video Alexander talks about getting into the family business of acting and how early on he retreated from the attention, but returned to the stage because he loved the craft.