It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was running around the playground, climbing up to go on the slide, or spinning around on the tire swing. While it’s been more years than I want to admit, I always had great memories of going to the park with friends or siblings and playing for hours. So, when I heard about Frank Kent’s Dream Park in Fort Worth, Texas I thought the idea was amazing and I wanted to share all of the fun details with you. 

Frank Kent’s Dream Park was gifted to the city of Fort Worth by the Dream Park non-profit organization, and it is a free, public playground open to all ages and all abilities. I have a niece that is special needs but still loves to explore and have fun, I can promise you that she would love all the fun stuff going on at Dream Park! 

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Where is Dream Park Located in Fort Worth, Texas 

The exact address is 2001 University Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76107. It’s centrally located in Trinity Park and gives kids and adults so much room to play. The entire Dream Park is over 57,000 square feet of green and play space. 

Fort Worth, TX is a Lot of Fun 

There is so much to do in Fort Worth including the variety of restaurants, shopping, and activities such as Dream Park you should start planning your next daytrip to Fort Worth. 

Here are some photos of Dream Park to get you excited to spend the day there when you have some free time.  

All Abilities Free Playground in Fort Worth, Texas

Here is a look at Dream Park in Fort Worth

Celebs at Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth

Here is a look at some of the celebs who have stopped into the popular Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas.

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